Team Members

Kristin Roberson

“Queenfish” aka President/CEO

Did ya’ know? Along with her prestigious national certification as a Travel Marketing Professional, Kristin is a fishing fanatic who spends her free time soaking up the sun & trying to reel in the big ones! She’s even contributed monthly fishing columns to specialty publications on the Gulf Coast.

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Ray Dougherty

Web Marketing Manager

Did ya’ know? Ray is a lifelong outdoors enthusiast, environmentalist and dog lover. He is also a top hand at web marketing, content development, search engine optimization (SEO) and analytics. He’s experienced across all platforms of electronic and digital media, a veteran Google AdWords Professional, charter member of the Google Engage program for agencies and an approved member of the Google Partners program.

Patrick Almogela

Web Designer
Did ya’ know? Pat is our resident website guru, designing websites that are out of this world. His responsive website designs range from simple sites for small businesses to more complex integrated websites for large corporations. Website geek by day, DJ by night… Pat transforms into “DJ Pat Black” and throws down some mad tracks in his hometown of New Orleans.