Hot off the Press: The Latest Facebook “Un-Facts”

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New App: Insta-Gossip!

When I was in middle school, I remember playing a fun classroom game called “telephone.” It started with the teacher whispering a phrase to a student, who would then whisper what he/she heard to the next student, and so on until it reached the last student. The rules were pretty basic: #1) you had to whisper so no one else but the person you’re telling could hear you, and #2) you weren’t allowed to repeat whatever you said, and that’s where it got interesting! As the message traveled from student to student, it became misinterpreted and distorted. When it finally reached the end, the last student had to announce the message – or at least what they thought was the message – to the rest of the class, oftentimes with hilarious results.

The telephone game, also known as Chinese whispers, is a perfect example of how information becomes misconstrued and garbled traveling from person to person over time. However, gossiping is not a new concept to communication – but social media is. Now, we can share gossip, misstatements, misconceptions, tall tales, absurd stories, and downright un-truthiness instantly at the push of a button and share it with thousands of people! Go technology!

But never fear!

Your marketing superheroes are here! We’re in the virtual trenches every day, traversing through viral nonsense, social hyperboles, and photos of Kim Kardashian’s humongous butt. When your Facebook newsfeed begins exploding and all hope is lost, you can count on us to bring you the truthiest truth from across the web, triple fact-checked for accuracy and deliciousness.

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“I heard Facebook is deleting people?! Help pls!!!”

“What’s up with Facebook? I heard that if you haven’t logged into your Facebook in a while, they’re literally going to delete your account! Like, they’re gonna delete a bunch of people’s accounts! And then everybody’s Page Likes are gonna go down! OMG! SRSLY?!”

Ok people, here’s your monthly serving of truthiness:

The answer is no: Facebook is NOT deleting or removing inactive accounts. However, in the coming weeks, Facebook will be removing Page Likes that have been placed by accounts that are now deactivated or memorialized. Image result for tiny music note‘Tis the season for some spring cleanin’!Image result for tiny music note

What does this mean? It means that Admins may (or may not!) see a small dip in Page Like numbers… but it’s important to remember that these removed Likes represent: #1 people who have deleted their Facebook account and are no longer active anyway, or #2 dead people.

Why is this happening? To make Page Likes more accurate, consistent, and up-to-date.

What’s gonna happen now? In my opinion, only Pages that have thousands of followers (like McDonald’s or Walmart) or Pages that have been around for a super long time (like… McDonald’s or Walmart) are gonna see any difference at all.

But regardless of the outcome for any Page, your new Page Like count will reflect your actual living, breathing followers, which will give you a more accurate representation of your audience. Sorry Zombie Fred, no one cares what Pages you like anymore.

fred the zombie

So, in conclusion, there is nothing to worry about, and no, Facebook is not deleting profiles all willy nilly. Even if you see a decrease in your Page Like numbers, you can rest easy knowing that there’s a really good chance those lost Likes weren’t viewing any of your content anyway.

For further reading, click here for the long (and much more boring) version, straight from the virtual horse’s mouth!

Written by: Kate Hellmich
March 22, 2015